Driftwood and weathered wood paintings



A series of unique pieces of art, which are as much about the wood and its history as the painting. This wood has lived before, as a tree, then as an item that may have been loved or used, but then lost or discarded. I want to give it a new identity. Each piece of wood offers wonderful possibilities: the sea- worn textures, grain patterns and old, flaking paint might suggest misty landscapes, rippled water and other settings. I paint creatures which will enhance each background and which I feel is appropriate to the wood. And then the wood continues with a new life...


Bastet sits like a sphinx guarding the great pyramid! This is a very solid piece, probably too heavy to be wall mounted. I see it sitting on a mantle piece. 132 x 75 cms. 


Finnish for puffin. Lunni looks out to a moonlit sea from his cliff top. 63x39cm framed. Sold


Taken from Norse legend, Fenrir was a giant wolf and son of Loki. This 17th century panel presents a dark star lit back drop. Fenrir howls. 69x49 cm framed. Sold


the arctic fox watches you from her frozen landscape. Surely she'll dart away at any moment though. Painted on a section of 17th century door. 60x49cm framed. 



Surely one of our most enchanting little birds. Merla regards you with one little beady eye. Painted on a panel from a 17th century door. 49x38 cm framed


Just as beautiful as the male blackbird, yet often overlooked in favour of her coal black mate. Morrigan has supper to search out! Painted on 17th century door panel. 49x38cm framed.


The Tundra swan is the spirit animal of the goddess Sif of Norse legends. Can you hear her beating her wings against the water as she rises? Painted on a chicken house door. 110x40 cm framed. Sold

Over Dark Hill

One of the most beautiful fragments of wood I've worked on. I always consider the wood a 'ready made landscape' but never more so than this piece. The grane and pitted lower half of the wood spoke to me of mooreland, a tor in the distance... A scatering of birds was all that was needed to bring this piece to life. 55x31cm framed. Sold