One of Odins messenger ravens flies to bring news! Part of Fisherton Mills 'Animal Magic' exhibition 57 x 57 cms framed.

Marmaduke and Myrtle

You can tell these two are up to no good! I dare you to try to out stare them! Painted on a large oak panel that I saw as the well scratched farm yard floor. 116 x 54 cm.

Hugin's Cry

Hugin is one of Odins ravens, he flies around the world each day to return to Odin with news.

He is painted on a panel from a 17th century door. Sold

Skoll and Hati

Skoll and Hati are two very naughty wolves taken from Norse legends, whom wish to eat the sun and the moon, tsk! They are also painted on a 17th century door. Sold

Moon chaser

Ghostly yet beautiful, the grey horse gallops through a moonlit night. Painted on an oak panel. 91x50cms framed.


Painted on a section of 17th century door. The flaked paint revealed to me what looked like a cliff top view with the sun reflecting on the sea. A chestnut mare to gallop into view was all that was needed! 91x90cms framed.  Sold

The Long Hill

I loved the grain on this piece of oak. Distant hills, maybe swirling mists, it conjured many images. Rutting stags could only add to the beauty of this wood. At

Beyond the storm

This is a moody piece! The oak presented a brooding sky, maybe over a leaden sea. The gulls however can fly beyond the storm... Sold


Such controversial creatures, marmite of the animal world so it seems. Bombur here promises to cause you no problems at all however and wants only to scratch around in his woodland. Painted on an aged oak panel 90x38cms  


Minerva Flies silently through the night. Painted on an oak panel. 63x32cms framed.


Cernunnos the stag bellows, maybe as a warning or maybe to invite a mate. Painted in oil on a section of old tree house. 123 x 86cms.


Making his way through the frozen north that is Nanooks home. Oil on aged wood door 157 x 64 cms. Currently part of Fisherton Mills 'Animal Magic' exhibition