Moon Crow

The ever beautiful carrion crows plumage shining blue in the moon light. A smattering of stars guiding him home to roost.

Painted on an oak panel. 51x36cms Framed. Sold


Another panel from the beautiful 17th century door. This one gave me an instant horizon and moon for Herne to bay up at. 71x60cms framed. Sold


My Goshawk comes in to land on this wonderful chunk of oak. If you zoom in, you may notice his eye is actually a knot in the wood. This wood is too deep to wall mount, he's mounted on a plinth. 63x30cms including plinth.

Sunset Pheasant

Found washed up on Eype Beach, I collected a few of these irregularly shaped pieces of wood. All brightly painted, I suspect may once have been part of a boat.

The coloures reminded me of plumage of a male pheasant bustling around on a sunny evening!  Currently on display in Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury

Seagull line

A lovely little piece of wood that reminded me of a seafront. The seagulls sit on a rail waiting to find a tourist to steel from. Maybe a wind surfer zips by...


Named after the Norse god of mischief. Loki the very naughty black cat observes his territory! 53x59cm. Sold



Another well worn bit of driftwood. Green and pond like, it suited a Coot. 56x25cms framed. Sold