Bastet sits like a sphinx guarding the great pyramid! This is a very solid piece, probably too heavy to be wall mounted. I see it sitting on a mantle piece. 132 x 75 cms. 


Painted on a piece of driftwood. Bjorn is I feel a gentle giant, in fact not even so much giant as this piece is only 69x40cm framed, somewhat smaller than a lot of my previous bears!

Ask and Embla

Named after the first man and women of Norse mythology. This pair of foxes will be out running those who would hunt them. Painted on a large double gate, this is certainly a statement piece! Both individually framed. Piece 1, 100x83cm and piece 2, 110x83cm 

Moon Chaser

Ghostly yet beautiful, the grey horse gallops through a moonlit night. Painted on an oak panel. 91x50cms framed. 


Taken from Norse legend, Fenrir was a giant wolf and son of Loki. This 17th century panel presents a dark star lit back drop. Fenrir howls. 69x49 cm framed. Sold


the arctic fox watches you from her frozen landscape. Surely she'll dart away at any moment though. Painted on a section of 17th century door. 60x49cm framed. 



Surely one of our most enchanting little birds. Merla regards you with one little beady eye. Painted on a panel from a 17th century door. 49x38 cm framed. Sold


Just as beautiful as the male blackbird, yet often overlooked in favour of her coal black mate. Morrigan has supper to search out! Painted on 17th century door panel. 49x38cm framed. Sold


Painted on a section of 17th century door. The flaked paint revealed to me what looked like a cliff top view with the sun reflecting on the sea. A chestnut mare to gallop into view was all that was needed! 91x90cms framed. 


Making his way through the frozen north that is Nanooks home. Oil on aged wood door 157 x 64 cms. Sold