Quick March!

'Marmaduke and Myrtle'
Quick March!
Chilly isn't it! I love winter, right up till new year then I rather lose interest and feel it should be spring! The emerging crocuses and blue sky had lulled me into a false sense  of security and I was really hoping I'd be riding my motorbike on a daily basis by now but my inner wimp is keeping me in the warmth of the car for a while longer yet, darn it! However, the studio wood-burner is going full blast so I can happily get snowed in!    .
'The Long Hill' 68x29cm

Open Studio 

The sale was a great success and has cleared space for new work. I've been working on many new pieces and hope to have the opportunity to show you this coming Saturday 3 March at our Open Studio,10-5!   
'Kuma Lisa'
'Phalacora'. Nick Andrew
Nick having had a busy end to last year and start to this one, is now back in the saddle, so to speak. He is also working on designs for a book of his London sketches. More on this as it develops but I can't wait!